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Neolog launches R2 solution

Attention to the logistics needs of an important niche of the Brazilian economy, the medium-sized segment, Neolog, a company that creates software solutions for logistics, launches the R2 market for routing and tracking of delivery and collection of goods.

With very friendly navigation, the solution allows for automated decision making, since, according to business rules, daily optimization will require little manual interference. "The R2 is indicated to the companies of average size, of any segment, that realize from 12 trips to the day. The tool integrates with the main ERPs in the market (Totvs, SAP and Oracle) and manages the entire process of delivery and collection of goods, making possible the reduction of freight costs, "explains Danilo Campos, CEO of Neolog, emphasizing that the tool is already in full use by two customers - a manufacturer of building materials and a distributor. In addition to these, Neolog has already won two new customers, one being a transport cooperative and a juice and beverage manufacturer.

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Case Mexichem in Tecnologística

Mexichem of Brasil, together with Neolog, developed a solution that rationalized the composition of shipments, a complex task that presented high costs for the pipe industry. Application of the system changed the modeling and hiring of service providers, maximized the use of vehicles and streamlined the transfer and distribution operations, reducing the amount destined to the payment of freights.

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Neolog increases its customer base by 30% in 2017

For the next year, the expectation is to increase the portfolio by 50%, following the signs of market warming.

According to Neolog herself, the growth was because companies are more open to discussions about new logistical efficiency gains projects, which has generated many opportunities. In 2017, Neolog launched two new products: R2 and R2 +, focusing on routing of cargoes and services, respectively, that allowed it to gain space in segments where it had not previously performed. "We have expanded our range of possibilities in other sectors, such as logistics operators, health, food industry and cosmetics," says Danilo Campos, CEO of Neolog. The executive explains that with the new software, the company managed to win important clients such as Bravo, Coopeavi, Embaré, Fleury, Nivea, Parex, Rodonaves and Whirlpool Mexico.

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