Reduce Transportation Costs and Optimize Your Logistics

R$ 3 billion of optimized freight
Over R $ 100 million freight cost per year
1st Control Tower integrated with SAP, Datasul and TOTVS Protheus

Our History

Since 2002 with experience in the Transport Logistics market, Neolog develops solutions that optimize the logistics of companies of the most diverse sizes and segments, collaborating directly in reducing costs and increasing the operational efficiency of the activity.

In its systems, Neolog uses integrated mathematical models for simultaneous and detailed analysis of the various options of the operation, offering, always, the BEST and most PROFITABLE decision alternative for its users. The intelligence of the software developed by Neolog also allows to anticipate events in different scenarios, make strategic decisions throughout the production chain, control performance and better meet demand, reaching the highest levels of delivery and satisfaction.

Neolog counts with outstanding clients in its sectors. And it is aimed at serving them with the highest level of excellence that the organization invests continuously in research and development, infrastructure and training of its professionals.

All this to ensure that your solutions are always in the vanguard of the market and that they promote expressive gains to their clients.

This is Neolog's mission:
Promote optimization of the logistics and supply chain areas of our customers, increasing the financial return of their business.

Our vision:
To be the best solutions company for logistics and supply chain optimization, through the creation and development of software with strong mathematical, statistical and operations management content.

Our value:
Our values ​​are: Excellence in all senses, innovation and differentiation as the basis of solutions, commitment to customers, employees and suppliers, transparency and ethics in relationships and partnership and collaboration in all work.