Improves logistics efficiency of your company
Focusing on reducing costs, while it assesses operational and
management improvements, Cockpit Logistics integrates various
mathematical models for making logistics decision.
» Logistical planning
Logistics Optimization and Control Tower
Thinking to collaborate in a real way at all stages
Cockpit Logistics.
of the transport process, the Neolog presents the
» Cockpit Logistics
Logistical indicators
Implementation of analysis and monitoring panels of the
Cockpit Logistical operations. They can have different operating
data for visual and direct way, allow the user monitoring and
planning its logistics system.
» Dashboards

Optimization solution logistics control tower

Neolog presents the Cockpit Logistics, Optimization tower solution and Logistic Control that increases the efficiency of the production chain, focusing on logistics processes. The solution provides the user with an environment that operates with full access to all information in the supply chain and logistics, end to end. This visibility makes making more effective and strategic decision, since all the operational movement is monitored in real time.



"To optimize the freight, was deployed Cockpit Logistics, load bearing formation decisions and types of vehicles; assigning carriers to routes; scheduling deliveries; monitoring of loads and applications."

Logistics Manager

Multinational Packaging

"Para otimizar os fretes, foi implantado o Cockpit Logístico, que suporta decisões de formação de cargas e tipos de veículos; atribuição de transportadoras às rotas; agendamento de entregas; monitoramento de cargas e pedidos."

Gerente de Logística

Multinacional de Embalagens

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